Kenyan CBC (Competency-Based Curriculum) grade 6 Agriculture course

Grade 6: Agriculture

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview
Kenya requires competent manpower for its agro-based economy. Agriculture for upper primary level will build on
competencies introduced in Early Years Education under Environmental Activities contributing to human capacity
development. The learning experiences will involve active learner participation conducted through practical and
experiential learning activities to develop applicable competencies for sustainable agriculture. The curriculum will
focus on developing skills for production of indigenous and exotic crops and domestic animals through innovative
agricultural practices and use of limited resources to enhance food security. The acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes
will form a foundation for development of agricultural competencies for lower secondary and beyond.
General learning outcomes
By the end of upper primary, the learner should be able to:
1. Participate actively in agricultural activities for environmental conservation.
2. Use scarce agricultural resources through innovative practices to contribute towards nutrition and food security.
3. Rear small domestic animals as profitable agricultural enterprise for self-sustainability and economic development.
4. Apply technological skills, digital and media resources to enhance sustainable agricultural practices.
5. Appreciate agriculture as a worthy niche for hobby, career development, further education and training.